Thursday, July 23, 2009


Igen, ez a változás természetesen érinti az esküvődet is, de ha az esküvőipar is szinte percenként fejlődik, ha napról napra újabb ötletek és megvalósítások látnak napvilágot, akkor miért szerveznéd az esküvődet most is úgy, azon az elven, ahogyan tette azt a barátnőd 2 éve vagy tették a szüleid néhány tíz évvel ezelőtt?

Az esküvő szervezést is hozzá kell igazítani a változáshoz!

Nem engedheted meg magadnak, hogy ne legyen tökéletes az esküvőd. De mi kell ehhez? Hogyan érhetsz el fergeteges hangulatot? Esküvő szolgáltatók interjúi között számtalan meglátás olvasható:

"Nagyon sok múlik a zenekaron, a vőfélyen valamint a társaságon. De leginkább a zenekaron."

"Lehet hogy furcsán hangzik, de nem elsősorban a vőfélytől. Sokat hozzátehet, sokat segíthet, sok múlik a zenén, de legtöbb a násznépen. Ha „nem veszik a lapot”, akár meg is szakadhat a vőfély. Persze ilyenkor is meg kell oldani a dolgokat."

"Főleg a zene és a vőfély összhangja a násznéppel."

Olvasd el Laser Band esküvői zenekar hogyan vélekedik erről.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

One Cup Coffeemakers Helping Prepare Decaf

It is the fear of heartburn that often makes people shy away from coffee. Causing of heartburn upon consumption of coffee is a common problem that many people face. However, the flavor and aroma of coffee can be so inviting that many persons risk heartburn to enjoy their favorite piping hot coffee drinks of various types. Indeed, it is difficult to stop coffee buffs from sipping in their favorite drink.

The real cause of the heartburn arising after drinking coffee needs to be ascertained. It has been opined that the heartburn is caused by the effect of the acids of the stomach leaking into the esophagus where they are not supposed to be. As a result of the esophagus lining coming into contact with the stomach acids irritation is caused at the linings and heartburn is felt as a result of the acid irritation. Taking in of caffeine has been observed to be a reason for such heartburn. Upon consumption of a caffeinated drink like coffee the body tends to produce more acid and the extra acid produced go into the lower esophageal sphincter. So, the high caffeine content of coffee can be help responsible for causing or aggravating heartburn.

A new technology has been developed referred to as the Hevla technology that seeks to address the problem of heartburn arising upon coffee drinking. Ardent coffee lovers can now get to find a ray hope in the way that the technology can help enable production of caffeine free coffee drinks thus negating the possibility if any caffeine induced heartburn arising.

The Hevla process seeks to steam coffee beans at a high temperature. This helps eliminate the caffeine content of the coffee beans while keeping the great taste and aroma of the coffee intact. Using these specially treated coffee beans to prepare single serving of coffee using one cup coffeemakers can deliver in a short time a cupful of piping hot coffee for you that has great taste and aroma and is free from the harmful caffeine.

Since only select few persons would be opting for decaffeinated coffee it is best to prepare the decaf for one person at a time using one cup coffeemakers. Usage of one cup coffeemakers will also ensure quicker preparation of coffee and the fast delivery ensures that the taste and aroma of the coffee is kept just perfect while drinking. So, using the Hevla process to treat the coffee beans and employing a special machine from among the one cup coffee makers of the day will assure a wonderful coffee drinking experience sans the risk of heartburn.

Friday, April 20, 2007

One Cup Coffeemakers - Ideal for Individual Coffee Drinkers

The one cup coffeemakers or single serve coffee makers are just perfect for coffee drinkers who stay alone. Such persons do need a coffee machine for themselves but they certainly do not wish to opt for buying a coffee machine that makes many cups at a time. The one cup coffeemakers ensure that the hassle involved in preparing an entire pot is avoided when only a single serving of coffee is needed for an individual.

Apart from quick brewing and dispensing of the cupful of coffee (in less than a minutes’ time) the one cup coffeemakers also ensure rich taste and flavor in the coffee beverages brewed. This also allows the user to choose from among the coffees of various tastes and flavors available. Individuals who may wish to select decaf can get their cup readied too through the one cup coffeemakers. Other choices may also be made- French roast, dark roasted coffees and various blends. Even tea beverages can be prepared using the one cup coffeemakers.

The one cup coffeemakers are usually compatible with functioning using coffee pods. Usage of the pods in coffee brewing also hastens the process further. The coffee pods- enclosed bags of ground coffee that are similar to tea bags are only to be placed into the single serving coffeemaker. Soon a rich, invigorating coffee drink of choice is made ready.

Being a connoisseur of superior coffee you will certainly wish to avoid instant varieties of coffee and prefer to brew your own drinks. Obtaining a coffee machine can, however, not be practicable owing to the fact that you may often be on the move, traveling. Besides, you may be working in a public office and cannot certainly carry the machine to the office. In such cases, the one cup coffeemakers can be the right choice for you. These machines being quite small in size and easy to carry and handle will be the worthwhile coffee beverage providers as and when you wish to indulge in drinking.

So, when there is no time at hand to make ready the normal pot of coffee or no need to do so (owing to your lonesome status) you can conveniently make use of one of the one cup coffeemakers. Late risers will especially find this as a great boon. They can quickly get to sip into their piping hot morning coffee cup as readied perfectly and get along with their daily activities feeling enlivened.

Friday, April 13, 2007

One Cup Coffeemakers of the Day to Opt For

The one cup coffeemakers or single serve coffeemakers are much in demand nowadays. The reason for their growing popularity is that they eliminate the need to bear the hassles involved in brewing a ‘pot’ full of coffee when only a cupful is needed. The preparation of a whole pot of coffee that can be pretty wasteful is thus avoided. The main objectives that the one cup coffeemakers achieve are quick brewing, lessening of flavor and taste loss owing to prolonged retaining of the coffee and of course dispensing of the right amount of coffee that is needed.

Now there are even the one cup espresso makers on offer that aim at offering single servings of espresso beverage. This can enable you to brew and treat yourself to the perfect espresso drinks while doing away with the need to brew in excess.

There are a number of concerns that offer the single serving coffeemaker models. Notable among these are Phillips and Keurig. Many a model of the one cup coffeemakers of the day are manufactured by Phillipe Senseo and Black and Decker. Consumers who have used these products have praised their functionalities. Hence, these can be deemed to be worthy offerings in the market that you too can think of opting for.

Some popular choices among the one cup coffeemakers are the Senseo pods. It is their speed of brewing and delivering and convenience and ease of handling that sets them a class apart. Besides, these require little service. However, it has been learnt that the coffee pods that are used in the machine are not easy to find in the retail stores and they also do not come in a great variety. Shopping for the requisite pods can be made from Melitta or Senseo online is the way out to ensuring securing of the pods.

The Black and Decker concern provides some kind of coffee mug too with purchase of their one cup coffeemakers. The single serving coffeemakers that they provide are comparatively priced lower. The models make use of coffee filters to brew the automatic drip coffee. Some of the most popular one cup coffeemakers are the Senseo Single Serve Coffee Machine, the Black and Decker Brew ‘N Go, the Melitta MES1R, Keurig B50 and Mr. Coffee SSP10. Some among these models are programmable while the others are not. Any of these can be judiciously chosen keeping in with personal preferences of features.

Monday, March 19, 2007

One Cup Coffeemakers - Offering a Host of Benefits

It may be that you are the only coffee drinker in your home. In such case it is best for you to opt for one of the one cup coffeemakers. This will be a worthy addition to your home and kitchen. These are special coffee machines that are designed for individuals who want a cup of coffee at a time for themselves but do not wish to make a whole pot in order to secure the one cup.

Indeed, preparing a whole pot of coffee for one person can be a big waste that is unnecessarily made. Making use of the single cup coffeemakers or one cup coffeemakers can help do away with this loss making. No wonder why they are becoming more and more popular. Their rising demand has led to the setting up of even single serve espresso machines.

It is said that in order to get the best taste and flavor the freshly brewed coffee ought to be served within twenty minutes of brewing. If a longer time elapses between the brewing and drinking then the coffee drink may well turn bitter or burnt tasting and the flavor of the special coffee beverages get ruined. So, the one cup coffeemakers are the best in case of single servings since they immediately dispense the coffee that it brews for one cup and thus ensures that the perfect taste is not lost.

The one cup coffeemakers work faster than standard coffee machines and most brew a cup in less than a minutes’ time. So, you can get your favorite coffee drink readied nearly as soon as you wished to get it brewed.

The one cup coffeemakers may be used with canned or freshly ground coffee beans. The single serving coffeemakers usually come with a reusable coffee filter built in thus doing away with the need for using paper filters. The reusable coffee filters are also presumed to deliver better results in terms of flavor and aroma.

What is more- the one cup coffeemakers also deliver an excellent single serving of tea beverage. For making tea using the machines the water may be heated in the machine and the tea bag put into the cup as usual. Alternatively, the tea bag can be placed into the filter and the water is to be run through like in case of coffee preparation.

Single serving espresso machines are available too coming in stainless steel or aluminum models. The stainless steel models, though comparatively more expensive, are considered preferable as there are considered to be health risks associated with brewing in aluminum containers. The single serving espresso machines of the day are small and lightweight. They are perfectly suited for preparing espresso drinks while traveling.

Tips On Buying An Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

Shopping for coffee makers today must be like "wading in a sea" of unknowns. Why? There are so many products to choose from and confusion must reign in the minds of those simply looking for a coffee maker to do what it does best... produce a cup of coffee.

Coffee maker reviews are plentiful nowadays. From simple machines a child could operate to the now fashionable cafe style makers, the choice is endless. So what do you need? How about an automatic drip coffee maker?

Deciding On The Right Unit

First tip in finding the perfect machine is deciding what best suits your needs. Automatic drip coffee makers are always a great option from the light drinker to the "addict." Automatic drip machines come in a variety of styles and sizes and in recent times, have improved to the extent that they are no longer considered the "poor man's unit."

The basic models consist of the usual power base, filter section and carafe yet innovations such as built in warming plates, timers, shut-off and pause functions have brought these machines under the close scrutiny of the most discerning drinker. Better still, they produce a great cup of the "black stuff" which is what you're after, isn't it?

Extra Features

Added features such as grinding mechanisms and flavor adjustment features plus advanced water filtration are becoming part and parcel of the automatic drip coffee maker systems. Being able to keep "the brew" warm was once a problem which has been overcome in recent times. The problem was brewing four cups or more at a time and for light drinkers, one or two cups was all that was needed. Now, with the ability to include features which keep the coffee warm, maintaining an acceptable temperature is now a breeze.

It all gets back to the level of drinker you are. If you are a light drinker then the larger machines won't be economically suitable yet, while the larger makers can brew up to twelve cups, you still have the ability to set this at a lower level if you desire. Or, if you just need that one cup in the morning before you head off to work, then there are some great single cup makers on the market to choose from.

Automatic Drip Coffee Maker Pricing

How much will you expect to pay for an automatic drip coffee maker? Well, the good news is, unlike their more expensive espresso cousins, automatic drip machines are extremely affordable. In fact, basic models can be bought from under $20 while the larger, feature packed models will set you back $200 or more.

The decision is ultimately yours. Decide what level of drinker you are and then choose an automatic drip coffee maker suitable to your needs. It's as simple as that!